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unified by invoicing

What’s this ?

An initiative of the Institute of Economics Professionals launched in April 2018.

A revolutionary open platform for economics professionals and their customers to enable them to send and receive e-invoices.

An impulse to promote digitalization while keeping the profession at the heart of the ecosystem.

For who ?

Unified by Invoicing is a collaborative electronic invoicing platform. It is reserved exclusively for the clients of authorized economics professionals: Accountants, bookkeeper, auditors, financial directors.

Professionals can provide their customers billing tool for entrepreneurs (BilltoBox) and have a tool for managing their customers’ bills ( reserved only for economics professionals recognized by an institute.

The management of the collaboration between the entrepreneur and his accountant or accountant is ensured by a neutral and independent directory (WhereToBill) guaranteeing professional secrecy.

What does the platform allow?

The platform consists of 3 main elements in which are included many services.

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