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An intuitive email editor requiring little effort: either you choose your template from our gallery or you build it based on HTML established by a third part operator.

Intelligent management of your contacts: for each of your campaigns, according to pre-established socio-demographic criteria, simply select the recipients according to the criteria of your choice.

Collaborative module: Give permissions to your team members on your account, assign roles and permissions as you choose, and then create your campaigns together.

Delayed sending: A campaign is ready but must leave only at a given moment? Just set the date and time, the system does the rest!

Campaign reports: Get fast, accurate and thorough results from all your campaigns, each email is dashboarded.

Optimal deliverability: we use dedicated and highly professional servers for the delivery of your campaigns to ensure maximum deliverability and reliability.

Compliant with RGPD: we put at your disposal a set of tools that allows you to comply with the RGPD.

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